Sunday, August 10, 2008

The wrong place to look for a date

Tonight was AWESOME!  I went to the Christian Singles dance this evening in Augusta.  The website advertised that individuals from 18 and up attended, that the typical dances included swing, ballroom, and line dancing, which all sounded good to me.  So last minute I threw on some clothes, made sure I was looking hot and my breath was minty fresh and took off.

So, I show up at the dance and see pretty quickly that this is going to be an interesting evening. Out of the hundred people that were at the dance there might have been four that were about my age.  The rest... closer to 60.  At least.  Maybe one or two in there 40's, several in their 50's, a lot above social security age.  I took a few minutes to decide what to do.  Then I spent the next three hours dancing with people older than my parents.  It was HILARIOUS.  I had such a good time.  Maybe didn't help out my singleness very much, but I did get to dance and had a good time doing it.  There were times when I would look around and just laugh because I tried to picture what I looked like surrounded by blue hair and dentures.  Most of the time though I forgot where I was because I was having such a good time.  

Random thoughts:  "I kissed a girl and I liked it..." gets stuck in your head and never leaves, I had too much junk in my house before moving to Sierra Leone, I leave for Portugal on Friday and finally feel like I'm ready to go, Strawberry-Banana yogurt is my favorite.


Jessica said...

HA! I'm really cracking up here picturing this. Only you, Justin. Only you.

Sandra's Latest... said...

Oh not a surprise that you would seek out a night like this :) I guess that's what happens when you go to a singles night these days...lots of old folks. But you said it, at least you had loads of fun! If only you would have posted some pictures!

Debbie said...

Justin.... dear Justin. I'm laughing so hard -- that it's good for me. Do you remember how your Uncle Allen and I met?? At a single's dance!! Much like the one you just described!! Complete with blue hair and dentures. It was on my first adventure & I got an orange dot to denote 'new-comer' (fresh meat.) I can just picture you there, with your minty breath.

Debbie said...

p.s. the orange dot was on my name tag.... thought I'd better clarify.