Friday, July 18, 2008

My last weeks in Salone the photo edition

The last two weeks of my two years in Freetown, Sierra Leone were absolutely packed with things I never ever want to forget. I tried to capture some of the highlights and will share them with you below. Thanks to everyone who made my final moments a time that I will cherish forever.

Fourth of July: Including Indoor Masked Badminton, Crazy Charlie, and lots of drinks, food, and friends!

Hike to Charlotte Falls: Includes kids making crazy faces, beautiful scenery, my new photo, and swimming in the rain with umbrellas to keep dry


The International Worship Service: Includes the best picture of Sandra and me ever, me and the ladies, the Incredible Paul and Sara Choi


Farewell to Bjorn: Includes excellent and not at all silly group shots of the gang. Unfortunately omits groundnut stew dinner when everyone's bellies grew three sizes, funny and slightly offensive racial jokes (about our own races of course), and a surprisingly deep game of Angel cards.


Bible Study Party: Included dinner and chatting, friends, an incredible amount of support and love shown and appreciated


Sports Club FC: Includes team photo's, the magnificent pitch, defensive backs watch out for each other on and off the pitch

Going away bash at Alex's Sports Bar: Includes loads of dancing, plenty of friends, a slightly inebriated camera that had a hard time focusing

Last beach trip to River Number 2: Includes lazy Sunday lounging, beautiful beach babes, and paradise


Random Shots of Freetown: Includes the busiest street I've ever tried to bike down, young footballers in Victoria Park, my friend Elaja and the unbeatable Ms. Abigail, the national landmark of Sierra Leone; the cotton tree, and my friends down the street Mohammed and his family


Sandra's Latest... said...

Hi Just!
Ow de bodi?
You enjoying the American Life?
So, I'm curious. Has worked out for you yet? ;)
Miss you around here.

Jessica said...

Welcome home, Justin! I hope it hasn't been too much of a shock for you.........though I can't imagine how it wouldn't be. See you soon?

Luna said...

hach, that all seems so far away already... :(
are you already in portugal by now?
sorry i forgot to send my email address, but will do so in a sec!