Monday, June 16, 2008

Where do moms come from?

The sky is dark, clouds sit atop mountain tops, making what light passes through a muddy mixture that dampens spirits as well as clothes.

Despite the dreariness of the day my kids made me laugh today. We were reviewing what we learned about whales. They let me know that whales are not fish because they have babies like people and they have to breath air. One student said that whales lay eggs but the others quickly corrected him. When I asked him where whales come from he said their mommies belly, like people. On a whim I asked where mommies come from. "Heaven", was one response. A general pointing up to the sky, was another response. Most of the kids had something to say about moms coming from heaven. When I asked again one little girl hesitantly spoke out, "From their mother?". "That's right, from their mother!", I was proud of this outside the box thinking. That's when the little girl sitting next to me looked me straight in the eye and said, "So we come from our mom's belly and they come from their mom's belly, but their mom came from up there", with an upward pointing finger.

I guess we still have a good bit to cover before Friday!

I literally just read a blog, randomly, that caught my attention. At the end of her blog she wrote the random thoughts that have been occupying her time for the past day/week/month/etc. I like the idea. So I'm thinking of...
Looking forward to early morning Facebook messages, flights home, staying up too late, skin like a tomato, the pleasent repetition of life, needing to make an itenerary, new batta drums.

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