Saturday, June 21, 2008

Faith and Art

I started out white like a canvas
A blank slate with potential to spare
My life was stretched out before me
Waiting on a hand to paint me with care

The artist started out simply
Broad strokes were laid down with pride
A framework was needed for structure
For my faith which would later be tried

The time that He took was precious
As his painting began to appear
A few more strokes and then finished
The faith that evolved became clear

The painter stood back for perspective
To see what he'd created thus far
The weaknesses others might pick at
He saw for the beauty they are

The painter then did the unthinkable
He left the painting undone
To finish the work isn't His job
He has left that to me, His son

I am not left on my own though
He wouldn't do that to me
He watches as I pick up the paintbrush
The details he waits to see

At times the painting is easy
The framework He's painted is sound
I find the details come simply
My faith built upon solid ground

Other times distractions are frequent
And the details they start to blur
These times my Father will hold me
To keep my hand steady and sure

The painter and I work together
What comes next, only He knows
But my once white canvas is colorful
A testament to how my faith grows

Justin Wallace
June 20, 2008

Random thoughts: Goodbye's aren't fun, crying is o.k., chocolate cake makes everything better, there can never be too much football, facebook chat rocks my face off


Jessica said...

That's beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Justin....your father and I are so proud of how the canvas has taken times a bit like an abstract at others obviously full of all types of symposium. What it never lacks are bright beautiful hues of all color imaginable. You are a work of art greater than any masters painting as you are a work of the Master.