Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So I've realized that my time here in Sierra Leone is starting to wind down. There have been a plethora of amazing experiences here. Some I have been fortunate enough to capture on film (except noone uses film anymore). Here are some of my favorites from the past 20 months.

(From left to right)
Some of the boys that lived on the street that I lived on my first year here. A makeshift street school, holding children of all ages and abilities. Me, hanging out in a tree, looking remarkably like my father did twenty years ago. Best friends holding hands on our school's walk-a-thon at the beach.
(From Left to Right)
A pair of girls who would run up to greet me everyday as I walked home from school, their looks brought smiles and heartache at the same time. My kids, silly, serious, full of laughs and tears, I love them even when they stick their tongue out at me. Pulling in the fishing nets is never an easy task.

(From left to right)
A young man in Kabala watched over me while I took a nap on a log in the woods. A young man holds his sister while watching the apotodem play at Charlotte falls. Taking a moment to pose inbetween jumping in the waves and chasing friends at Burra Beach. An old wheel makes a good toy on the dusty streets of Kabala.

(From left to right)
Hiding amidst the kasava plants on our trip to a local farm. A young man waits for his cue at a schools musical theatre program in Godrich. It's tough playing on the sand and as the sun dips into the sea these two players talked for a few minutes about playing overseas and their upbringing in Salone. This boy expressed his enthusiasm for life with a song and dance in the streets of Cocklebay.

(From left to right)
My favorite little girl who lived on my street, she was always excited to see me and was full of excitement about life. Taking a moment to reflect on our climb up one of the mountains surrounding Kabala. Another young man from my street, he loved kicking a tennis ball around the street.


Jessica said...

What amazing pictures, Justin! My favorite non-picture of you was the one of the two girls walking on the beach, and my favorite picture of you was in the tree. You're the only person I know who looks at home in a tree. =)

And, um, I have to give you a big, "WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?" Commenting on John's blog and not mine? Come on, now. =)

I'm just kidding. Kind of. =)

<---That Girl said...

It's really something to see images of life elsewhere. They look like beautiful people to hang out with.