Friday, March 7, 2008

My great week of new stuff

What an amazing week! Lot's of fun stuff has happened this week so I just wanted to pass along the good news!

- I found out that I'm going to go to Mali for two weeks. I had previously planned on only being able to go for one week. Then I talked with my friend Charlie who suggested I stay two and just call in sick for the second week. Taking part of her advice and tweeking it I instead went to my school director and proposed to her that during my first week I check out the American International School of Bamako, making notes and taking pictures, so that I can come back and do a workshop on the things the school is doing that we might learn from. Then the second week I could go to Timbuktu with my friend and be back at school on the 31st of March. She took a couple days to think about it and let me know on Wednesday that it's a go! I think I jumped out of my seat with excitement when she gave me the thumbs up. I'm really excited about this trip!

- I bought a bike yesterday. It's a twelve speed no-name refurbished bike. I payed about $66 US for it. Then I went and road down the beach on my new old bike. I haven't ridden in years. Far too long for someone who loves to ride. It was great to get back on the road. I was pretty psyched. On Sunday I'm going to ride to school to see how long it takes and whether I'm ready to face the eternal uphills that I would have to ride to get to school. This is something I've thought about doing since I came back in August. I'm glad I finally went for it and got the bike. I'll put a picture of my two-wheeled phenome bike soon.

- I've started a new morning routine. My old routine went something like this:
6:20 Alarm goes off, snooze
6:30 Alarm goes off, snooze
6:40 Alarm goes off, crawl out of bed
6:40-7:00 Quick shower, put on clothes, leave
(I'd brush my teeth at school, just so you don't think I left that vital part of most people's morning routines out of mine)

My new routine goes like this.
5:50 Alarm goes off, snooze
6:00 Alarm goes off, wake up, call my friend Cami to make sure she's also awake.
6:05-6:30 Read some scripture, pray, practice praise songs, journal about what I read the praise songs and the journaling aren't everyday but the reading and praying are)
6:30-6:40 Push ups, sit-ups, other excercise stuff
6:40-7:00 Quick shower, put on clothes, brush my teeth (which I do at home now), leave

I am loving my new routine. It takes away a good 40 minutes of sleep but the impact on my outlook for the day is drastically different. I've had scripture and prayer in mind as I start my day which then follows me throughout the day. I've worked out my body, waking me up and giving me extra energy to face the day. And since Cami and I are calling each other to make sure the other one is awake it's not something I can skimp on. I really am excited about the changes in my life that are happening because of this. The only thing that might change is that if I decide I do want to start riding to school in the mornings on my NEW BIKE then I'll start waking up earlier.

So yay for this week!


Jessica said...

I have to be at work at 7, and I so wish I had that kind of motivation to start my day off better. It would help, probably, if I could be in and out of the shower and ready to go in 20 minutes. That's never going to happen, though.

<---That Girl said...

Spring time and accountability do wonders for the body & soul.
Congratulations on your upcoming trip to Mali. I really look forward to showing your trip pictures to my 9 year old daughter. She fell in love with Mali this year when her class studied it. She talked & talked about it. I'd never even heard of it before that - how embarrassing. Blessings on your trip.