Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photo's of the latest

2-25-09 040 by you.
Leslie and João at Montemor-o-velho

2-25-09 042 by you.
Me at Montemor-o-velho
2-25-09 049 by you.
And again at Montemor-o-velhoolga cadaval palco (22) by you.
Dancing with Rita and Leslie at our espectaculo (show).Me and Justin by you.A baixa em Coimbra (downtown in Coimbra) by you.
One of the beautiful side streets in Coimbra
Fatima by you.
At Fatima, a religious pilgrim destination.
Lady Leslie by you.
Lady Leslie in her renaissance dress.
Sir Justin (ha ha ha ha ha ha) by you.
The much awaited photo. Me in full renaissance mode.
Portugal v. Sweden World Cup Qualifier by you.
Portugal vs. Sweden world cup qualifier.

(p.s. There are a lot more photos of the latest on my site http://www.flickr.com/photos/15104001@N00/ Enjoy!)


Jessica said...

Oh, gosh.....I'm somewhat rattled by the sight of your legs in tights........ Shake it off, Jess. Shake it off.

I absolutely LOVE the pictures. You look so good, and gracious......makes me nostalgic for the Iberian peninsula. And how much am I loving that cross? Oh, lots. LOTS. Keep the pictures coming! Love them!

Jessica said...

What's a frudiag? That was my word verification, but I forgot to tell you. Now it's "penon." Like "peon" maybe, but if you have a cold.

Jessica said...

Now the word verification is "drersica." Caught my eye because it ends like my name. I think it's Dr. Ersica.

Jessica said...

HA! Now it's "bowmater." Like "towmater," but not.

Jessica said...

Okay, now it's "iroorut."

Can't think of anything for that one.

Jessica said...

Now it's "condi," like Condaleeza Rice.

I need a life.