Thursday, April 2, 2009

someone loves you

  • That's what the note in my wallet says.
  • It's been there for at least five years.
  • On a small green post-it note.
  • It came from a friend who now lives far away.
  • And while our lives have changed drastically since the note was given.
  • I know that our love for each other,
  • while our lives may look different,
  • remains as strong as the day she wrote it.
  • The thing about the note is that,
  • while I look at it nearly everyday
  • and I think fondly on the friend who gave it to me,
  • it doesn't only remind me of the giver.
  • Rather, as I glance upon the note each day,
  • not really needing to read it anymore
  • because I know what it says
  • but mearly seeing it's presence in my wallet
  • reminds me of all the people who love me,
  • of the adventures we've had,
  • of the prayers they offer for me,
  • of the kisses and hugs, tears and laughs that we've shared.
  • And I know in these moments
  • that I am beyond fortunate.
  • That I am blessed beyond comprehension.
  • That whereever I am
  • Whatever I'm doing
  • No matter how old I am
  • or how long it's been since we've talked
  • someone loves me
  • and most fortunately for me
  • lots of someone's love me.

1 comment:

GreerAnn said...

how sweet. i need a note like that some days. who gave it to you?