Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pictures from Portugal and vacationing in England

This is the local fort just by my house.

Leslie, João, and I went bowling at Colombo.

Some of the Christmas decorations in Sintra.

Some more decorations.

I helped make that. My first Yorkshire pudding.

An authentic thatch house just outside of Ely, Eng.

Percy, Joy, and I out for a walk on Christmas day.

Charlie and I at Cambridge.

Me in front of some Cathedral in Cambridge.

I liked this because it shows a Lisbon taxi.

One of the street performers on the South Bank, London.

Big Ben and me. And my nose hairs.

Ummm... yeah.

The entrance to the Natural History Museum in London.

Hard to see but it says Knightrider street! Ha!

A grainy picture of the London eye.

A blurry picture of one of the bridges crossing the Thames.

Christmas dinner complete with cracker hats!

Tom killing the leftovers.

Ely Cathedral

Maribeth and me. And the as yet unnamed reindeer.

Making Christmas cookies with my kids.

Lucas in a Santa mask with me and the reindeer.

Xiao Feng trying to eat the camera.

Yotaro and Erdem are my best artists.

My kids at their Christmas concert.

We're still working on the straight line bit.

The monastery at Belém.

An example of the beautiful sidewalks here.

Me at Belém Monastery.

Me at Belém monastery...again.

Belém monastery... without me.

The tribute to the Portuguese explorers.

Affectionately known as the Golden Gate bridge II

The statue of Christ overlookings Lisbon.

The view from my balcony.

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