Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pictures of Life in Portugal

A birthday celebration for Nasreen and me. Great Greek food, good friends, definitely a night to remember!

Christina and Carla threw a wonderful birthday picnic for me at the BIG BLUE HOUSE ((I've decided that their house shall forever be all capsed)). We had an amazing cake, I recieved an infants book of Portuguese, which we decided was still a bit hard for me, and had a great time with my new friends.

Halloween fun at THE BIG BLUE HOUSE ((I've decided the THE in THE BIG BLUE HOUSE needs to be capitalized also)). Some fun decorations, interesting costumes, karaoke and Buzz!

Halloween night at Joy's place. Amanda, not shown below, definitely won the best dressed prize by showing up dressed as an oven with a picture of a loaf of bread on the oven door. She was expecting to give birth like two weeks later. The party stopped as everyone turned to behold her glorious costume. Good times.

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Jessica said...

You're a nut, Justin. Gotta say how funny I thought it was that you were in a Peter Pan costume....until I saw other people in costumes, too. I was like, "Huh? What's he WEARING?" Pretty funny.

I'm so glad you finally have a camera! More pictures to come, I hope..... =) Looks like everything is going great. I knew it would.