Tuesday, May 27, 2008

After two years

(A note of farewell to my parents at A.I.S.F.)

After two years it’s quite plain to see
What a change you’ve all made in me

I came here fresh, quite new, hardly tried
You’ve given me a home, a place to abide

I’ve taught your children and they’ve taught me
I hope they remember what they’ve learned, we’ll see

We learned about a’s and we learned about bee’s
We learned to say thanks and we learned to say please

We’ve written books and we’ve illustrated too
The paint’s turned my hands a light shade of blue

We put on some plays, like the Three Bears
We measured the walls and the doors and the stairs

We learned about plants and we learned about space
We learned about Freetown and the happenings of this place

The students enjoy the games that we play
Though sometimes it’s hard to sit still, to stay

The journals they write amaze me at times
The things that they say and the words that they rhyme

There have been times when we like to throw paint
The laughter echoes as the children create

The number one rule in our classroom is this
To love one another, follow this, you can’t miss

Though all are different no one is the same
All have potential to be anything, we claim

I’ve learned a lot as a teacher while here
The lessons I’ve learned I will always hold dear

The children share aspects from all points of the earth
The cultures they’ve learned since the time of their birth

So my thanks I give to each of you now
You’ll be in my thoughts forever I vow

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